Escorts Reveal Some Jaw-Dropping Confessions

There are indeed a lot of stigmas when it comes to the profession of escorting. Escorting is the profession that is loved and actually sought after by a section of the community. This section would be the people between the ages of 35-55. This is not confirmed or anything but, it is a statistic which is confirmed by a lot of surveys. Ever since the movie Pretty Women hit theatres, a lot of people have been obsessively curious about all of the lives of escorts and how they go about their daily lives even though there is a stigma about it.

Even though the life of an escort seemed glamorous on the screen, there are so many things that should be considered by you when you think about their world. Here are a few surprising confessions that we got from escorts. Some of them will surprise you. These are written down as narrated by escorts.

–    My husband knows that I am an escort and he does not have a problem with it; he told me that it actually turns him on.

–    I was once with a client who made me put a leash on him and treat him like a dog. Apparently, it turns him on. I really did not like this at all. I need to start vetting my clients in a better way.

–    When I was escorting, I actually gave a free night to an older gentleman. It’s not what you think. All he wanted to do was stay up late at night and play games and watch movies with me. I asked him why, he said this was what he would do with his wife every day.

–    The only thing that I hate about escorting is that it has completely made normal sex boring for me. It does not even turn me on anymore. Inventive sex is where it’s at. I live for that stuff.

–    I worked as an escort when I was in my undergraduate course, none of it was official, but now I am afraid that my med school will kick me out if they end up finding out.

–    One of my regular clients wants me to play with his nipples while he jerks off. I make $500 in just 30 minutes every week. Easiest money ever.

–    I am a 25-year-old escort and have slept with 200 men till now. I am clean and use protection all the time. I am also disease-free, and I get myself checked regularly. I am actually really proud of it.

–    During the week I am an architect, and on the weekends I am a high-end escort. My sex life is lit, so is my bank account.

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