Giles County PSA River Withdrawal Project

Citizens of Giles should be aware of the proposed project to withdraw water from New River to use as drinking water.  Considering the increased pollution of New River and the questionable ability of any process to remove some pollutants, citizens should have input as to the quality of water supplied to their home.  Giles County PSA, according to a report in the Virginia Leader Newspaper, may disregard the opposing votes of the towns of Pembroke, Pearisburg, and Narrows .  Many believe that alternate sources of water have not been fully considered.

One thought on “Giles County PSA River Withdrawal Project

  1. D.Croson

    I am looking for others who are concerned about the recent biling by the PSA for curb side services. The constitionality of this process is questionable at best. Does the CCGC look at these issues. could someone from your organization please contact me at your earliest conveniece.

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