Our Mission

The Mission of the Concerned Citizens of Giles County is to promote democracy and to protect the natural resources of our county now, and for future generations.iconJoinFacebook[1]

Welcome to the website of the Concerned Citizens of Giles County (CCGC).  The CCGC strives to stay true to our mission and, as always, plays an active role in community, state, and national environmental and democracy issues.

CCGC members continue to be actively involved in struggle against the Mountain Valley Pipeline.   Our Vice-Chair, Darlene Cunningham, has written a brief summary that highlights the serious consequences for the citizens of Giles (and surrounding Counties) if this project is allowed to proceed (see next paragraph).   To get involved please contact the folks at Preserve the New River Valley: http://preservethenrv.com/

Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a proposed transmission pipeline for moving fracked gas from WV across Giles, Montgomery, Roanoke, Franklin, and Pittsylvania counties. The 42″ diameter buried pipe would stretch over 300 miles through our mountain ranges, streams, forests, farms, and residential areas. Methods of excavation include the use of rock trenching machines, rock saws, jack hammers, and blasting. As stated in MVP’s Draft Report 6, “stream beds may be blasted to reduce bedrock so that a trench can be excavated”.

Citizens in both VA and WV have organized in opposition to this pipeline. MVP is a limited liability company that stands to reap billions of dollars if this project is approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Those opposing the MVP reason that if approved the results will be:

  • decrease in property values
  • use of eminent domain to seize private property
  • damage or destruction of springs and wells
  • damage or diversion of streams
  • damage to view sheds
  • damage to roads and bridges by excessively heavy equipment
  • damage to homes and outbuildings and endangerment to residents
  • decrease in tourism

The CCGC Scholarship Committee has selected this year’s winners. From Narrows High School: Nicolas Coleman Sink and from Giles High School: Amber Nicole Bradley. Congratulations to both of these deserving young students. We wish them the best as they pursue their college education in the fall.

Finally, we would like to report that beginning in July, Judy Brown will be stepping down as Chair after serving in that position for the past three years. We are truly thankful for her leadership and her dedication toward promoting democracy and protecting the environment.   We look forward to Judy continuing as an active member in the coming years. Vernon Kelley will step into the position of Chair, Darlene Cunningham and Ellen Woodyard will continue their excellent work as Vice – Chair and Treasurer respectively.   In addition, Carleena Blankenship will serve as full time Secretary in addition to the outstanding work she does as our Historian.

After years of hard work and sacrifice our good friend Rhiannon Fionn is in the final stages of completing her documentary on fly ash. We are all looking forward to seeing the finished product. Please check out her website for info and movie trailers. http://www.coalashchronicles.com/

We are proud of all we have accomplished but have no plans to sit back on our laurels. The CCGC is committed to the struggle for a world where our children can live and grow in a clean environment; a world in which the citizens have a true democratic voice in the decisions that impact their lives.