Our Mission

The Mission of the Concerned Citizens of Giles County is to promote democracy and to protect the natural resources of our county now, and for future generations.iconJoinFacebook[1]

Welcome to the website of the Concerned Citizens of Giles County (CCGC).  The CCGC strives to stay true to our mission and, as always, plays an active role in community, state, and national environmental and democracy issues.

The Concerned Citizens of Giles County (CCGC) have remained extremely active in 2016. In March the CCGC and Preserve Giles County (PGC) co-sponsored an environmental film screening at the historic Lyric Theater in Blacksburg, Virginia. Attendance at the screening titled, “Environmental Predation” exceeded 130 people and featured films by Rhiannon Fionn: http://coalashchronicles.com and Marino Colmano: http://marinocolmano.com/pipeline.html.

At the conclusion of the films a panel consisting of the filmmakers, Dr. Anita Puckett (director of Appalachian Studies at VT) and Dr. Rick Shingles (Coordinator of PGC) participated in a lively and informative Q&A with the audience. Additionally, the CCGC and PGC sponsored a fundraiser to support the work of the filmmakers. We were pleased to have raised approximately $1500.00 for each filmmaker.

For the fifth straight year the CCGC has dedicated $500.00 to scholarships for a student from both Giles and Narrows high schools.   This year’s winners were Brittany Nicole Harliss (Giles) and Ethan Chase Lawson (Narrows). Congratulations to the winners and best wishes for success as they enter college in the fall.

Members of the CCGC continue to work with the PGC to stop the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) from destroying the environment and quality of life in Giles and surrounding counties. Please consider the devastating consequences of allowing such a project in our county and get involved. Contact the folks at PGC: http://preservethenrv.com/

We are proud of all we have accomplished but have no plans to sit back on our laurels. The CCGC is committed to the struggle for a world where our children can live and grow in a clean environment; a world in which the citizens have a true democratic voice in the decisions that impact their lives.